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Lenovo Lap Top

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Caribeing | 19:40 Fri 16th Mar 2018 | Technology
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Lenova Lap top stuck on “repairing automatic update”help needed please this message on laptop continuously can’t get rid of it have tried turning power on and off but no success how can I get rid of it. Thanks


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Are you sure that's the exact message? (Google doesn't recognise it as a known one generated by Windows). Is it something similar, such as 'Preparing automatic repair'?

Which version of Windows is it?
Question Author
Thanks buenchico my mistake it is preparing automatic repair it is windows 10 should have remembered what it said as it has been stuck on in for days now
Press and hold the power button. That should force your laptop to shut down.

Restart it. Annoyingly, you'll be back to where you started but press and hold the power button again.


After a few times of forcing a shutdown you should find that your laptop will then start with a blue screen headed 'Choose an Option'. Select 'Troubleshoot'.

At the next screen, select 'Advanced Options'.

At the following screen, select 'System Restore' and see if you're offered an option to take your laptop's registry back to a date before the problem occurred.

If System Restore either isn't available or doesn't fix the problem, start as above again but when you get to the screen where you previously chose 'Advanced Options', choose 'Reset this PC' instead. Then choose the option to retain your files. (That's more drastic than 'System Restore' because it will remove any programs/apps you've installed on your computer, meaning that you'll need to reinstall them. However your documents, images, videos, etc will still be there).
Question Author
Thanks for that info buenchico will give it a go

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Lenovo Lap Top

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