Nord Vpn?

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Grandpappy | 16:46 Tue 13th Mar 2018 | Technology
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.Can anyone guide me on this package?


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Where are you at? Are you thinking of subscribing or have you already downloaded it? If so, have you installed it? Have you looked here?

Assuming that you're using Windows, have you read this?
(For other operating system, see the links on the left)

If you can provide more information about what it is that you need to know (and the links don't help you), we can probably guide you.

I use it routinely.

It is excellent. I bought a 2-year package.

It depends a bit on how you want to use it. The only issues I have had were when I try to use it in China. The great firewall there blocks some of the IP addresses, but not all. You sometimes have to search around to find a VPN IP that China does not know about.

JHpwever, if you want only to spoof TV companies over your location (or hide your questionable activities from your ISP), then it is very effective.

Data ransfer is fast (20MB/sec upwards
There are many locations in each of many countries.

What more do you need to know?

If you're still at the comparison stage, IPVanish gets good reviews:

Avast's VPN service is also well-rated (and among the cheapest):
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Thanks Kidas,
That's the exact package I've just bought.
I'm working on the assumption that I simply select a country and then use my Google Chrome as usual to explore various areas of interest, with my base being the country I'm (theoretically)currently in?
That's exactly right.

Seems that it is mostly TV companies who restrict content based on (apparent) IP location.

Also, Netflix and some other video streaming services, deliver different content depending on your (apparent) location.

All good fun :)

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Nord Vpn?

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