How To Add Background Music To A Photo Slideshow?

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countrykid | 19:08 Thu 22nd Feb 2018 | Technology
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With my limited tech skills I've managed to scan a load of old photos and saved them on my PC and a Memory stick (saved as jpeg).
My aim is to create a slide show of these photos at my mum's funeral. I've tested on my TV at home, connecting the memory stick to a usb port and a slideshow option was available. I'm guessing most LED TVs have this kind of option. At the wake their is a large screen TV that I have previously seen a slide show running.
What I'd now like to do is add some background music, maybe from a CD I already own, or if not then something I can download.
Can anyone explain in a simple Step 1, 2, 3 process how this can be done.
I'm grateful for any help given.


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The TV screen you've seen is almost certainly being used as a computer monitor, with the computer that's sending signals to it providing the slide show. So, before proceeding any further, you need to check with the venue to confirm that they're feeding signals to the screen from a Windows computer and to enquire which software they use for doing so.

It's likely that they'll tell you that they're using Microsoft Powerpoint, so you'll then need to check whether or not you've got Powerpoint on your own computer (or, of course,on another computer that you've got access to). Powerpoint is part of 'full' versions of Microsoft Office but isn't included in 'starter' editions.

If you've not got access to Powerpoint you can do the same thing with Impress, which is part of the (free) OpenOffice suite:
(Remember to save your presentation using a Powerpoint format, so you can be sure that the venue's computer will recognise it).

Powerpoint instructions here:

OpenOffice Impress tutorial here:
(Remember that, with both Powerpoint & Impress you need to create slides by importing images into them and resizing them, if needed, to fit).

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Thanks buenchico. I responded earlier but my post isn't showing for some reason. Sorry but I should have explained that the venue has asked for the photos to be scanned to a memory stick in jpeg format, for the memory stick to plug directly in to the TV - no computer involved
If I understand you correctly - I did this using Microsoft movie maker. This was free software with windows 7. I did a short animation using individual stop motion pictures where you can control the speed of the pictures changing - the background music was easy to add.
the result was a movie file in mp3 or mp4 format i think which would go on the memory stick and should play on the monitor.
I think that you need to go back to the venue to explain what it is that you're seeking to do and ask them for advice on the best way forwards. TV sets that offer a 'slide show' feature don't usually recognise anything other than jpeg files when being used in that mode, so you might find that it's impossible to get the music played through the TV. However the venue might have an entirely separate sound system, so that the music you require could still be played while the slide show was running.

I'm sorry that's not a full answer but we're limited in the amount of assistance we can offer through not knowing the specifications of the TV and/or computer system and/or sound system at the venue.
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Thanks Buenchico and Quoi. I'll contact the venue for further guidance on this. I'm currently away from the area and unable to do anything in this respect. If I can't manage to sort music its certainlt not end of the world. No doubt there will be lots of talking going on and any background music to the slides would have been played quite low. The pictures are the key element and that part is sorted. Thanks

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How To Add Background Music To A Photo Slideshow?

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