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ask100 | 12:50 Wed 18th Oct 2017 | Technology
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I haven't used this very old but powerful amplifier and speakers for many years.
Previously I had it plugged into an equally old PC which had 3 or 4 sound out sockets.
I now want to use it attached to my laptop which has only 1 socket for sound out. Because of this I can't get all of the 7 speakers to operate.
At present I have a splitter which gives me 2 outlets but this still results in some speakers not working.
Does any member have a suggestion for what I can do to get all 7 speakers operating?


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You can get 2 3 4 or 5 way splitters such as
Why you would bother I don’t know, if the sound system works it won’t work as intended and the on board sound card will probably be of a poor quality
i bought one of these, found it a fantastic bit of kit User Recommendation
Do you need to install a suitable sound/audio board ?
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Thanks everyone who made suggestions.
Bertrum's reply has prompted me to purchase a jack plug to 4 way splitter which is not only very cheap but has done the trick.
Thanks again all.

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Creative Inspire T7900 Connectors

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