Annoying Excel Quirk On Mac

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lacmag3 | 22:16 Mon 08th May 2017 | Technology
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I'm new to a Mac but not new to Excel. On the Mac, the sheet realigns itself and it's a pain. Hard to explain but I may 'lose sight of' one or two columns or rows without any intervention on my behalf. I have to manually move back to cell A1 to regain sights of those columns/rows. Any suggestions?


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I'm familiar with freezing panes but I shouldn't have to use them. It's just an annoying problem that crops up even when I at the very early stages of building a spreadsheet. I never had this problem in all the years I used a pc.
I've just tried googling 'excel mac jumps'. There are quite a few threads which look as if they might be relevant but I don't feel confident enough to link to any particular one. Perhaps if you try the same search you'll find what you're looking for?
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Thanks Buenchico, but I haven't got to the bottom of it yet. Some of the suggestions require heavy duty fixes that I'm not confident with. I'll keep trying though.

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Annoying Excel Quirk On Mac

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