Changing Microsd Card In Android Phone

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hairygrape | 00:34 Sat 29th Oct 2016 | Technology
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I fitted a 32GB MicroSD card into my new Galaxy S7 Edge a few days ago. I transferred my files and data off my old android phone onto the new phone by placing the old phone and the new phone back to back.

Since then, I've been busy moving files from the new phone's on board storage to the MicroSD card installed.

I'd now like to fit a larger capacity MicroSD card into the phone ( it will take up to a 200GB card apparently) and transfer all the data from the smaller card to the larger. How can I do this?

I've got a suitable MicroSD card reader/writer to do the transfer. Is it simply a matter of transferring all the files over by copying the smaller card contents to my laptop and then copying them to the larger card?

Thank you.


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Yes. In fact you don't need a card reader.
You can just plug your phone into a USB port on the computer, copy the files from the smaller SD card. Unplug the phone, put the larger card in, rec-connect and copy them back.

Or, using the card reader, you don't even need to copy them to the computer. Put the small card in the card reader, and the big card in your phone. connect phone and card reader to computer, and copy direct from the card reader to the phone.
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Thank you TheChair. I'm very grateful.
I think it is possible to use a phoen transfer tool to transfer data or files betwen two phones directly, that would be more effective and convenient.
You can have a look at this guide, hope it helps.
Howdy, it's not that easy to transfer data , because the phone's storage can't sometimes realize the process, some others will directly backup onto the local drive or save onto the cloud space, I know a free app that can be used to switch data from Android to Android,

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Changing Microsd Card In Android Phone

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