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gangan34 | 15:33 Wed 12th Oct 2016 | Technology
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Does any one know what networks I can use my Nokia 222 on.Pay as you go?
I took it to a 3 shop and the person behind the till just laughed and said that 3 only do G3 and G4 networks.He made it sound like my newly purchased phone is a steam version


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Almost all networks will work for you. If the 'phone was purchased unlocked then all you need to do is buy a mini sim with credit.

I use Tesco mobile with no problems
I'd doubt any provider who invested in a 2G network will have simply ripped it out yet so I'd suspect most will accommodate you.

Regarding Three. I recall they were late gaining a licence and starting as a provider and I think they used to boast how they would be the new kid on the block with their up-to-date G3 network (as their name suggests) so whilst I'm not 100% sure, it is possible they can't cope with G2 as the other licence holders can.
3 has no 2 G network, and never had one.

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Nokia 222

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