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Are You Able To Block A Number On A Samsung Core Prime Phone. And If So How?

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rebelboy | 18:30 Mon 18th Apr 2016 | Technology
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Not very good with technology!!


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I don't know, but can you download the Truecaller app?

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Go into your call log, find the number, there should be some sort of option on that page which will let you block the call.
To slightly differing sets of instructions here:
Is that a mobile? Safest call blocker app will do it no problem.
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Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated. I thnk I'm sorted now.
From the home screen tap the Contacts icon.
2.Tap the Menu icon.
3.Tap Settings.
4.Tap Call.
5.Tap Call rejection.
6.Tap Auto reject mode.
7.Tap the required option (e.g. Auto reject numbers).
8.Tap Auto reject list.
9.Tap the Add (+) icon.
10.Enter the required number or tap the Contacts icon.
11.Tap the required location (e.g. Contacts).
12.Tap the required contact and tap SAVE.
There you go reb.

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Are You Able To Block A Number On A Samsung Core Prime Phone. And If So How?

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