Avast Anti-Virus Scanner Says I Have A Router Issues

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ozmeister | 18:54 Wed 13th Jan 2016 | Technology
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Hi - ran the Avast anti-virus scan today, all ok except it says I have network issues, in particular a possible infected router (it was ok yesterday - had windows update on log off last night - Windows 7).

See below for message reported.

Our scan has found your router vulnerable to attacks. That is, the router contains a problem that can be misused by cybercriminals to break into your network and compromise your security and privacy.

Some of the vulnerabilities are patched in new versions of the device firmware. Therefore, applying the latest firmware update may solve the problem. Routers typically do not perform automatic updates, so the process requires appropriate patches to be manually downloaded and installed on the device. Consult your router's manual for instructions to download the latest firmware and apply it to your router.

Done incorrectly, this can make your router unusable. Therefore we recommend that this procedure is done only by very advanced users or computer technicians.

The router is a Talk Talk and relatively new, don't really understand the firmware aspect - any help would be appreciated.

Also ran MalwareBytes Anti Malware program and all clear, is this likely to just be a configuration problem with the router ?


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Firmware is the built in software.

Find the model number of your router and see if there is anything either on Talk Talks site or the internet about this
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You could try running another scan and produce a report file that may have some additional scan results included with more detail about the detection.

If necessary you can also contact Avast technical support on 0203-608-7941 or submit a ticket online.

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thanks for that
An alternative solution (from the Avast website):
"To overcome this vulnerability, aside from applying the firmware update that addresses the issue, there is one more technique that can be used: setting up port forwarding for port 80 on the router to an unused IP address on your network. To do that, enter your router configuration page and find the "Port forwarding" section. Here, set up a rule that tells the router to send all http traffic to an unused local IP address (for example, if this address is not used by any other device on the network)"

Getting into your router's settings is easy enough. Simply type into your browser's address bar and hit 'Enter'. Unless you or TalkTalk have changed the default settings, enter 'admin' as both the username and password. You'll then need to click on 'Advanced'. After that you'll need to look for the option to forward traffic on Port 80 but googling doesn't make it exactly clear what you'll need to do then.

The issue is further complicated by the fact that there are different TalkTalk routers. However a Youtube search for 'TalkTalk port forwarding' appears to offer instructions which might help.

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Avast Anti-Virus Scanner Says I Have A Router Issues

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