Connect Hp Deskjet 3060 Wirelessly

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ozmeister | 18:05 Mon 14th Sep 2015 | Technology
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Hi - please can somebody assist me with an idiot's step by step guide to connecting my printer wireless. It has previously worked without an issue but we have had a new router with a new security code (known), there are no buttons on the printer itself to key the code in, do I need to connect using an ethernet cable initially and if so what is the process please ? Thanks in advance.


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A Windows PC?

It may vary depending on Windows version but on my Windows 7 PC I can select "Devices and Printers" from the Windows menu then select the "Add Printer" option.

You can then say "Network or Wireless PC" and then "Find the printer" (or similar words) and it then finds the wi fi printer and you register it.

The actual words will vary from one Windows version to another but that is the rough idea of the way to do it.
btw Windows has some great help.

In Windows just select "Help and Support" then search on "Wi fi printer" and you get a step by step guide to adding a wi fi printer.
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Thanks Mark - I am in fact on Windows 7, when I access devices and printers the 3060 Deskjet is already listed, can't quite figure how I connect it wirelessly via the new router sorry to be a bit slow here ?
Your printer wireless settings need to changed to match the new router wireless and network IP address settings . Assuming your PC is connecting to the new router successfully, you may need to reinstall the Printer drivers on the PC which should, hopefully, automatically look for your printer and set the appropriate wireless / network settings.

The printer installation program can be obtained from the HP support web site. A quick check didn't seem to find your stated Deskjet model 3060 but did find a 3050 model at:

Hope that helps.
Delete the printer that is shown on your list of installed devices.

Then reinstall it again and it will work through the new router.

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Connect Hp Deskjet 3060 Wirelessly

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