Lenovo B50 Laptop........

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lilacben | 21:27 Wed 02nd Sep 2015 | Technology
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screen keeps going white and flashing... any ideas what I can do please.


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That sounds like a physical fault, which you'll need a qualified professional to locate and fix. (PC World charge a flat fee of £50, plus parts, for laptop repairs. Independent local repairers might be cheaper).

However, in the first instance, try the old trick of turning it off (completely) and turning it on again. I.e. remove the main power adapter (if appropriate), turn it upside down, slide the battery release catch and take the battery out. Wait a minute or two and then put it back together again. It's a long shot but it's amazing how often it works!
You are right there, Chico. My DTR, which I have on permanent standby, will not respond to the remote control after a few days. Powering down then powering up again works every time.
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Hi thankyou I have tried it and as soon as I started to write this it went off again.! lol...
My mother uses a netbook and has a similar problem if she moves the screen at all. If left at one angle it's generally okay suggesting the contacts between base and screen are worn.
We've decided on that as the option of least expense. :-)

Maybe have a trial and error fiddle with position of the screen to see if you get a result before doing anything as drastic as parting with cash.
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Douglas thankyou and everyone else. I took it back to shop today and they have replaced it.... said it was a fault with them.! Great ! but at least sorted now.....I hope!

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Lenovo B50 Laptop........

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