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Avast Grimefighter?

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mrs.chappie | 16:32 Sun 05th Jul 2015 | Technology
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I recently installed Avast free anti-virus but I am still having problems with my computer running slow, freezing, and very frequent 'not responding' messages.

On running the last Avast scan I received the following message:

"Your computer is running slow -

1 unnecessary application
10 system setting errors
4GB to free up on your hard drive

We can optimise the performance of your computer and significantly increase its speed."

It then gives me the opportunity to buy 'GrimeFighter' at a cost of £1.25 per month for 1, 2 or 3 years. Can anyone advise if I should buy it please? I am willing to pay if it would sort my problems out.

I have an Asus laptop, Windows 7 Home Premium and use Internet Explorer.

Thanks for any replies, peeps. x


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I have yet to come across an anti-virus program that can update itself without bringing at least some computers to a halt. I've tried Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG and Avast (and read many posts here, and elsewhere, about similar problems with full commercial software) and used XP, Vista and 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and still never found anything that doesn't result in Firefox (and some other programs) producing 'not responding' messages while the anti-virus program updates itself.

So it's quite likely to be Avast itself that's causing the very problems that you're referring to! (I'm not knocking Avast though. I use it myself because, for me, the problems occur far less often than with other security software but I've still had a 5 minute wait, with everything at a halt, only a few minutes ago while it updated itself).

My post here explains how you can (hopefully) seek to track down which background program is causing your problem:
(That thread was about Firefox but my post still relates to your problem as well).

If, as I suspect, the problem is related to Avast updating itself you could try uninstalling and reinstalling or possibly trying AVG instead. (I ditched AVG precisely because it was causing such problems frequently for me but you might get a better result).

With regard to Avast Grimefighter though, my advice is simply 'Don't bother'. It's a registry cleaner, which the technical press generally say are best avoided. However, if you want to try one anyway, the one registry cleaner which is generally well-rated (both in the technical press and by AB members) is the free version of CCleaner:
Because you have the free edition of Avast you are now being subjected to a con to make you spend some money. Forget it and, if you get any further similar messages, post again in Answerbank.


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Thanks very much all, very good of you.

I'll definitely give GrimeFighter a miss. Will get my thinking cap on and decide whether to get a little man in, as I'm very easily confused when it comes to computers. :o(
you can get rid of avast using the avast remover download and get comodo security suite, anti virus and firewall in one, it updates too, never had any problems with this in years and with firefox too
btw if you just use your comp for home use and not business there's no need to pay for any security what ever it is ,all the free ones that guys on here recommend are just fine
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Thanks Ivor, I'll have a look at that.

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Avast Grimefighter?

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