Personalise Superman Logo with a letter D

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ell1e | 16:53 Thu 01st Sep 2005 | Technology
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I'm trying to create a t-shirt design & want the Superman logo but with a letter D instead of an S. Does anyone know how I can do this as or a website that could be of help? Thanks.


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adobe photoshop is good for image manipulation and stuff.  or Paint would do it.  get the image u need, find the font u want for the D, just copy, paste and colour.
Or change your name to Stevie?
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Hello Ell1e,
It is good that you want to create a superman logo T-Shirt.. I suggest you a link you should follow this will help you to create a professional logo for your T-shirt design..

If you want to hire a professional graphic design team for making logo and T-shirt design should follow that one:

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Personalise Superman Logo with a letter D

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