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galasalmon | 18:07 Sun 09th Nov 2014 | Technology
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I put this problem on how it works blog and was advised to put it on this one .
I have a facebook account which worked perfectly on laptop but now every time I try to connect to it up comes internet explorer is unable to connect to it .It does connect to all other sites , I have a computer which is connected to the same as the laptop and I have no bother with it . I haven't changed anything on it , can anyone help please.


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Have you tried a different browser?
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No , as I have no problem with other computer which is attached to same network and has same email address
Is your laptop connected by Wi Fi and the other computer by cable to the router?
Does your Laptop have an identical Browser to that which is installed in the Computer.? What Browser/s are being used.?


The OP says Internet Explorer.
Could there be some kind of a firewall issue, have you got any kind of parental controls or default settings which could affect it?

I'm interested in replies too, different site but I have issued with the Manchester Evening News site which, more often than not, crashes and has to shut down the page whenever I click on a link to a news story, only on my laptop though.
Just a thought.....You may have an item of Malware in your Laptop although your desktop Computer is clean. This sort of thing does happen.

If you haven't got Malwarebytes installed, I suggest that you download the Free edition and run a Threat Scan.

Do Not accept any offer for a Free Trial of the Premium edition or offers of any other items which you are unlikely to require.

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Sorry for being so long in answering , I have run the malthreats which got rid of something malicious it said but facebook still wont appear and it said internet explorer can't find anything wrong. I have no parental control on it . and it does say facebook on the icons above . ( share via facebook ). It is a mystery will just have to use facebook on other computer Thanks.
It does seem somewhat strange, but nothing really surprises me with Internet Explorer.

Why not try another Browser.? I would suggest Firefox which can be downloaded from the following:-


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