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shaneystar2 | 22:09 Thu 16th Oct 2014 | Technology
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I've got a Samsung Galaxy tablet and had AdBlocker installed on it but it's stopped working .I don't mind ads on my desktop computer but they're annoying on a small tablet .Looking on the internet it says that Google have banned it for android .
I can reinstall it but have to check a box in my security settings to allow installation from both trusted and unknown apps. When I check this box I get a message saying ...
Installing from unknown sources may be harmful to your device and personal data and I will be solely responsible for any damage to the device ,loss of data etc .
I don't want to louse the thing up and am wary about checking this box but neither do I want the ads .Any advice for a technophobe gratefully received .


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Thanks very much fender .That's reassuring .As it was a gift from my menfolk I didn't want to go and do something I'd regret and then get told off :)
or use firefox and adblock is on addons
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Thanks very much fender .That's reassuring .As it was a gift from my menfolk I didn't want to go and do something I'd regret and then get told off :) //

shaneystar2, Can I respectfully remind you that Women now have the vote.
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Thanks again fender and bernie .

Ron I'm well aware that women have the vote .I've been voting since I was 21 and that's 45 years ago .
If my family are kind enough to shell out mega money on a present for me and my son is kind enough to set it up for his dim technophobic mother then I fully expect raised eyebrows if I break the darn thing .So I respectfully suggest that unless you have anything helpful to say pertaining to my Q that you mind your own beeswax .
shaney, I'm not sure that Ron deserved such a tart rebuke!
Strange - I have just downloaded and installed this on my Android tab and I'm still getting the adverts.
Did you restart the browser ?
IICR you may need to change your tablet's wifi proxy settings ?
Wow !
However IIRC you can untick the 'allow unobtrusive ads' option.

The more I think of it I'm sure I didn't replace it on my mobile when I changed to the new one because the proxy thing caused issues. The block didn't work if you left the settings at the default None & DHCP but it kept losing the WiFi if set to localhost & 2020.
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And yet you don't find it available on Google Play Store :-D
No problem at all ! Head out over to the website of Adobe and download the Ad-blocker and install it over your device. There is just no need to worry about the unknown source, until or unless you are download the file from some trusted source.

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Adblocker For Tablet

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