Mobile Memory Card Password..?

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looobylooo | 21:53 Sun 12th Oct 2014 | Technology
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This is a long shot I know, but a relative has a Nokia 6300 mobile phone, has had it for years, but for some reason they can no longer access the Memory Card in gallery, as it is asking for a password.
As far as we know a password was never set by them..?
Can anyone help please? Thanks


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I had a Nokia years ago and the password was
Worth a try?
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Thank you Pete, but yep wev'e tried 12345, and still no good :(
•Go to file manager on your mobile,
•In the "Settings" option,
•Choose system folders,
•In the "System" folder there's a file called "MMCSTORE",
•Send that to your PC using IR/Bluetooth,
•Then open it in notepad.
•The password you need for your memory card is in that file
you could take the card out and format it on your pc,but you'd lose anything on it
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Thank you Ivor & Cleggie, I appreciate your replys

Cleggie, have been into Settings on the phone, but there is no System Folders, as far as I can see.. (it's an old style phone, so maybe that's why?)
there isn't one on mine either loooby and mines not old
Can I suggest you take the phone to a phone shop & ask the techies to have a look at it (the card itself may be corrupted) I have been to my local O2 shop many times & found them most helpful.
Have you tried either 123456 or 000000? Be careful though as you might lock your phone/chip
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Just tried 123456 & 000000 and still no good Henrietta, lol .. grrr

I'll suggest it to them Ron if we still cant get it sussed.

Thanks all for your time & help, appreciate it, thank you :)

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Mobile Memory Card Password..?

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