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whiskeryron | 09:25 Sun 15th Jun 2014 | Technology
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I have made several attempts to put pics on answerbank using tinypic & have so far failed. I am sure I have done it in the past without a problem please explain in detail so that I can figure out where I am going wrong. tia


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all i do is take a picture and upload it to my computer

go to tinypic and browse my pictures

click upload on the picture i want

when it has uploaded click on see large size picture

then cut and paste the the details from the top info bar thingy;s=8#.U51ZmihoiTI
Go to select browse, when you've found the photo you want select upload now, when it has finished uploading select the bottom link, the one for direct links and layouts, then copy and paste it here.
the info i cut and paste can be seen in blue in this photo top left;s=8#.U51bRyhoiTI

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Thanks for your prompt answers, I am doing all that you mention & not getting anywhere. I forgot to mention that I am talking about finding photos on Google & copying them to desktop on my PC & when I try to put them through Tinypic I get a notification saying failed due to wrong format.
Not sure about that then Ron, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I will be along shortly!
When you find the image on Google I right click and 'save image as' then it goes into My Pictures as a jpeg file. Are the pictures you are saving to your desktop jpegs?
just got this from google and alli did was

right click on image
box opens up and i clicked on save

then open up tinypic and select browse my photo files

clicked on the photo and then pressed upload

when it was uploaded i clicked on see full size image

and then cut and pasted the info from the info bar the blue in the second picture from above;s=8#.U51fgihoiTI
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Carrying out your excellent instructions to save to Pictures is very successful. It would appear that for some reason saving to Desktop was not working.
Thanks again to all of you who replied.


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