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Why Do We Need To "share" Some Video Clips On Fb In Order To Watch Them?

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RATTER15 | 07:06 Fri 13th Jun 2014 | Technology
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I occasionally find video clips on FB that I would like to watch, when I go to watch them it I get another page open stating that I need to "share" the video first, I can then watch them. I never trust such demands and never share them.

Somebody must be gaining something some where to need to insist that a video is shared, surely!


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i don't understand facebook i keep getting emails saying >you have notifications pending <

if i click and log in they then say you have no notifications

just can't get my head round what i am doing on there
Question Author
Your notifications pending should show up in red numbers on the icon that looks like the earth/globe on the top of the page. is there nothing up there?
there is now , it is showing 1

but i get that sick of opening the site up i just delete the email and the 1 can stay there
I only get notifications randomly on FB. My phone gets them all though.

Ratter....I never open those types of clips.
Question Author
Actually, notifications pending could also be any of the three icons but will show up in red numbers. When checking your inbox, check the "other" inbox also, messages may have gone in there.
Yeah...what's the 'other' inbox about. My sons messages only go in 'other' and I don't get notified. He posts on my wall to tell me I have a message.
Question Author
So Dr, if you don't like FB and don't want to use it, just disable the account.

ummmm, the problem with them is it just looks like an ordinary video clip until you try to play, I just don't trust them and never share them.

Why do we have to share just to watch them, advertising maybe?
Question Author
ummmm, I think it is down to your security settings, I only get messages in my "other" inbox if some that is not on my friend list sends me a message.
Probably. I just don't trust them though. So many of them are click share and something else comes up. I've lost count of times I've told people to change their password....
RATTER can't do that as i have to be a member to read the posts on my old works site

if that shut down i think i would just dump it
Lol....I'm friends with my son. It's only him it happens with.
Question Author
That's strange ummmm!!

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Why Do We Need To "share" Some Video Clips On Fb In Order To Watch Them?

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