Printing Photos Received By Email

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denis567 | 22:53 Wed 30th Apr 2014 | Technology
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I have received a photo by email which I would like to print out, but I have forgotten how to do it, would be grateful for any help.
I am on Vista with my Acer Aspire 5315 laptop.
Thanks for any help


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Open the attachment then you should have the option to print it (or press Ctrl+P)
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Thanks factor-fiction but it did not come as an attachment, it was sent by iPhone and I did not have to open anything. I tried pressing Ctrl +P but it printed out the whole email including the message
When you said you had it by email and an Acer laptop I just assumed you could also access the email on your laptop
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I have managed to download it to Flkr so I have nw to suss out how to print it.
Drag and drop it to your desktop and print from there?
Right click the photograph to reveal a menu, then click.. Save Picture as...(Give it a name ) click save. The photograph should then arrive in your Picture Folder; from where you can Print.

^^^That's what I do when using Windows Vista and the photograph is in the body of an E/mail. Try it, you won't loose the photograph because it's a copy you are saving and leaving the original in the E/mail.

I am now thinking that all depends upon what E/mail programme you are using. With some you can use the method suggested by Slack Alice and others work with what I have illustrated. For instance, 'Drag to Desktop' works with Outlook but Not with Gmail. However, it seems to be the other-way around with my method. If you are using Yahoo, I doubt that you'll get anywhere; I couldn't.

My primary E/mail account is Windows Mail. What is yours.

If you synch your phone with your laptop, go into the phones picture library and copy it across to your laptop.

then you can print it or take it on a stick to a shop/Boots

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Printing Photos Received By Email

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