Upgraded Widows 8 To Windows 8.1

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mabel1 | 21:16 Fri 28th Mar 2014 | Technology
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Please I need help. I upgraded my laptop from windows 8 to windows 8.1. since doing this I keep getting a message from Mcafee saying potentially unwanted program blocked. click to let them remove it. when I do it keeps coming back. name of it is adware.addlyrics9b15ad976d1.


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You should be able to remove 'addlyrics' in the Add or Remove Programs in W8.1 settings.

Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press C. Click the Settings icon, then Control Panel, then click Uninstall a Program.
you can also get to the Control Panel by simply right-clicking at the bottom left corner - it's in the menu that pops up
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Hi I have tried this and there is nothing in add or remove program of that name.
Download, install and update Malwarebytes free version, deselect any other options to install toolbars etc.

Run the scan and follow the prompts to remove any nasties. Sometimes it works better in you run the scan whilst your laptop is in 'safe mode'
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Thanks SlackAlice have done that and everything seems to be back to normal now. There is just one more problem when I am playing candycrush a message now pops up saying
Adobe flash player settings
Local storage is requesting permission to store information on your computer. Requested up to 1 mb . currently used 100kb.
Allow or deny

what do I do.
Thanks all.

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When I ran the scan it found 343 threats.

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Upgraded Widows 8 To Windows 8.1

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