Uploading Photos With A Memory Card?

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sam182 | 14:14 Tue 18th Mar 2014 | Technology
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How do I get the 'Upload Photo's' box to appear when I've inserted the Memory card from my camera into the harddrive?
Nothing seems to appear?


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? You can't insert things into a hard drive.

If you have a PC slot for the card, then the PC should automatically recognise it on insertion, and show it as another drive. Check in Explorer.
How about just copying and pasting, or right click on photo or lots of photos and choose "send to"
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The 'Upload' icon box usually does appear when I've inserted the memory card into the slot, but this time nothing happens. The red light next to the slot comes on and it sounds like the machine is starting up, but nothing comes on the screen to upload the photos off the card?
Could be a few things. Is the card still readable in the camera ? Having checked the card is on, maybe it's the slot you insert it in on the PC, maybe that interface is faulty. Or maybe the programme that runs is corrupted. Once you've checked the card try rebooting the PC and attempting it again.
Why not try a stand alone card reader ?? Do you know anybody who would lend you one - that way you can eliminate either a faulty card or a fault on your PC.
go to"my computer" and see if the memory card is showing as a drive or try putting the card back into the camera and connecting the camera to the PC via USB
Having checked the card is OK ...
woofgang's suggestion should work, I use this method as it downloads quicker and is less faff.

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Uploading Photos With A Memory Card?

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