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Cm3 Wifi Repeater

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mungbeanz | 12:59 Thu 13th Feb 2014 | Technology
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Hello. I recently bought a wifi repeater which has been recognised well by my Windows 8 laptop and works fine. But the reason I bought it was for my desktop which has Windows 7. It stubbornly refuses to connect to the repeater even though it recognises it on the network availability pop up thing. I've read the instructions and various google searches leave me nonthewiser. I'm about to throw it out the window, so any advice would be very welcome thank you.
ps. I tried plugging it in using a cable, but then it said no networks were in range. I'm at my wits end here.


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Try resetting the TCP/IP stack:
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i'll give that a go thanks.

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Cm3 Wifi Repeater

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