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Why Does My Tv Stop Working When The Electric Cuts Out?

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ThatgirlMolly | 13:43 Tue 10th Dec 2013 | Technology
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I have had my TV for about a year. We brought it from Comet before it closed down it was a display TV. For about 4 months now every time the electricity cuts out it will stop working for a few days sometimes a week. Does anyone know why this might happen? Or how to fix it? I have tried changing the fuse and plugs no joy.



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It may well be still under warranty and you can try the manufacturer to find a service centre to take it. (Would have helped to do so 4 months ago.) Even if the official warranty is up EU rules might encourage them to be more reasonable. Whatever causes it, you ought not expect to have to put up with it.

Does it happen if you pull the plug and then try to fire it up again ?
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Its a Panasonic TX-P5oX50B?
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Yes it is thatgirlmolly

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Why Does My Tv Stop Working When The Electric Cuts Out?

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