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Cannot Connect To Server" Etc

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netibiza | 14:49 Wed 05th Jun 2013 | Technology
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Here I go again, after going back to factory settings on the advice of Sony, my lappy (windows 8) is now playing up again, cannot connect to page and / or server, it is driving me mad. I downloaded Firefox as my browser but have now gone back (I think) to IE but makes no difference, what can I do, cannot factory reset again as I'll loose all photos again. Have tried 2 separate wifi connections but still the same, my desktop (xp) is absolutley fine. I think there is going to be one new sony vaio lapstop floating in the med very soon!!!


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Sorry wrong category and it's not my fault!
Try connecting your laptop to your router with an ethernet cable. (Routers are normally supplied with them, or you can buy them for a quid in poundland). If you can then access the internet, the problem is clearly with your wifi settings, not with the actual machine.

If the problem is with your wifi settings, go into them and check that 'connect automatically' is selected for your home network.

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but with an ethernet cable I will not be able to sit in bed with it, will I?

and no am not having fun posting... driving me to distraction!
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buenchico "a quid in poundland" is akin to 50€ here in Ibiza!!
You probably have a very good lappy with an awful operating system. Lots of folk are having lots of problems with Windows 8.

Wasn't it Methyl who said that he was spending a considerable amount of time.... Downgrading comps from W 8. ?

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lston, you may well be correct, but am having a dreadful time with it again. just will not connect to server, driving me mad.
neti....Just a thought. Perhaps it is because you are not resident in the UK and your ISP is at fault. Are you willing to say, who is your ISP.?

If Firefox is Not set as your default Browser, then most certainly you are likely to be operating on Internet Explorer. However, what edition of IE would be interesting to know; if you are able to establish it. Perhaps then a solution can be established to your problem.

Click open IE and then click the 'cogged wheel' icon; top right of page. Then click open 'About Internet Explorer' to see what edition you have of IE.

This happened to me a few weeks ago...the server had crashed and after much shouting Orange fixed it can still use your tablet in bed's the router that buen wants you to connect with cable...I have mine set up this way...
No I got it wrong he did say lappy ..sorry buen....if your pc connects to server then it's not crashed but more likely your lappy settings for wireless...
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Thanks methyl for your confirming that you are downgrading Windows 8 to W 7. I didn't know about Office 2013 being problematic, No issue for me because I am operating at the moment on my Desktop with Windows Vista and my Laptop has W7. Also my default Browser is Firefox 21; which is available to neti if she hasn't up-dated to it and my Microsoft Office I know is not 2013. ( Must check what it is.)


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Cannot Connect To Server" Etc

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