Samsung Galaxy S - Screen Keeps Going Black

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buffymad | 09:56 Wed 20th Feb 2013 | Technology
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My friend has the above phone and every now and again the screen goes black. You can still hear the phone ringing or texts coming through etc but the screen stays black and hitting the home key (or any other key) doesn't do anything. You have to take the battery out for a second or two, put it back in and then switch it on and it's back to normal. Slightly annoying though and just wondered if there was any fix for this or any reason why it might be doing it? Has this happened to anyone else?


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It could be hardware related such as bad terminal connections, but first off you could consider updating the phone to the latest Software or Firmware version, if not already done.

The Samsung Support site is a good place to start:

There are also others that have provided info on how to goto about updating, for example and depending on the phone model type:
My guess would be a dodgy connection to the screen. Maybe the act of taking the battery out then back if flexes something and renews the contact ?

If under warranty get it looked at. If not maybe get it looked at anyway ?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Screen Keeps Going Black

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