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chas2008 | 08:34 Fri 19th Oct 2012 | Technology
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PC threw a wobler last night, screen/controls frozen with a message 'give me money to get your PC back'(only been on it for a couple of minutes)
Rebooted and logged in under a different user name ,only way i could log in apart from 'safemode', ran Malwarebytes which detected 3 Trojans-
Quarantined and removed them ok, but how can i be certain they are completely gone? Im just a bit concerned as a similiar thing happened a week or so ago although only 1 trojan was detected then which i removed the same way, i just dont want it coming back...
I have to say prior to this i have had over 10 years trouble free surfing...


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You might want to look at what you are doing to get infected and reinfected.

As for being sure, you never can be since malware needs to be detected before it is known so the bad guys tend to have the edge for a short while all the time. But if you have run a well respected detector then you should feel reasonably ok with your PC. Or run a number of them.

If really worried, reformat the drives and reload the operating system from scratch, and don't connect too the internet or use removable media with it again. But I'd say that was an overkill.
You might want to look at what you are doing to get infected and reinfected.

Just to add that Anti Malwarebytes will run in safe mode and you should turn system restore off before scanning. Don't forget to turn it back on afterwards.
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