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Work has my desktop background locked...

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basilione | 22:53 Mon 23rd Jul 2012 | Technology
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There is a way to save an image as your background even though the company I work for has blocked this option from the user. I have done this before but can't remember how.

I have tried right clicking on the picture and selecting "Set as Desktop Background" with no change.

I have gone into my desktop display properties under "Customize Desktop" to display a webpage on my desktop with no change. However when I select My Current Home Page it changes my background to white instead of the company logo regardless of the page I have set as my current home page.

I have done this before with the help of a friend and I see other users with pictures as their desktop so I know it's possible. Does anyone know a way around this or what I'm missing?


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You are going on the right way but once again just try to download one more image from anywhere and set that image as your background image and see what happens?
If you know the file/filename of the file they are permaently using, you could back it up and replace it with a picture file of your choice.
This sort of imposition is annoying I know, but watch you don't get into trouble with the jobsworths who insist you WILL look at the picture they demand. Trouble is, if they wish to be awkward, they can lock a lot down to prevent you doing much.
BTW is basilione and sfewdsgw the same person ?

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Work has my desktop background locked...

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