predictive text on Windows XP

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jno | 22:55 Mon 30th May 2005 | Technology
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A couple of years ago I logged on - once - to the New York Times website. Now whenever I start to type a URL starting with N, the predictive text function spells out for me and I have to overwrite it. A very very minor irritation, but how do I stop it? I've deleted my history, cleaned out my cache, given the whole terminal syrup of figs... Can I disable it? Where is it hiding?


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Microsoft's (free) AntiSpyware prog comes with a "Tracks Eraser" feature under
Tools > Advanced Tools > Tracks Eraser
Just to note, the Tracks Eraser doesn't remove history and cookies from Firefox (and I'd imagine all other non-IE browsers)

You can also turn off the Auto Complete function.  Goto Tools --> Internet Options --> Advanced (Tab) then uncheck "Use inline autocomplete", it is found under the browsing section.

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strangely enough Kerplunk, that is unchecked already; the system is obviously taking no notice of it. Hmph. I shall try the Tracks Eraser again ( it got snarled up first time I tried.) None of this is a big problem, I can't see the NY Times hosting spyware and I do have Norton and AdAware prowling around hissing at intruders. But I'd just like to think I could be the one to decide what appears on my own screen. Thanks everyone.

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predictive text on Windows XP

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