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which is best DVD Recorder or Video Recorder?

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Joe Shmoe | 15:18 Sun 29th May 2005 | Technology
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If you have had both a video recorder and a DVD Recorder,which would you say is the best in terms of reliability and satisfaction . Also on a video recorder you can watch one channel whilst taping another can You do this with the Dvd Recorder . Lastly if you have a freeview box can you tape a digital channel whilst watching an analogue channel on on the DVD like  you can on the video.Which is the winner for you?

Thanks in advance. 



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Oh I nearly forgot the Simplicity factor! Thanks again.

for best of all worlds it has to be sky+.incredibly simple to use,cheaper than most dvd recorders,allows recording of 2 channels simultaneously while u watch something u recorded earlier etc etc etc
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Thanks Mattk That sounds good but unfortunately a sattelite dish is not an option for my family .we are a terrestrial friendly household so it has to be either a video recorder or a DVD recorder. thanks again.  
Try this,liteon 5045( ) haven't got one myself but am thinking of getting one.
I've been told that dixons sell them for �299..
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Hi Peanut42 Thanks for the link. that model does look the business but it's out of my price range. But while I was on there I saw model LVW5005 which sounds good and looks good and is available for under �200. But is it reliable? Has any one used a dvd recorder is it good or does it create more problems than it solves.     
Hi Joe Shmoe try this link--
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Hi again peanut42 Thanks for those links. Now that was what I needed. Thanks to the information given on those sites I can  see all the problems people have had (boy there seems to have been alot ) and make an informed decision. Thanks again.   
A lot of the problems do seem to be ironed out by the firmware upgrades,which you download from their website,burn to a cdr then put in your dvd recorder...........
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Thats true, and if you are a technology lover worth a go after all nothing ventured nothing gained. but if you are a technophobe or do not have a computer you'd probably be better sticking to a video recorder for now and letting the technology develop until it becomes more user friendly and bug free.  


True,very True........

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which is best DVD Recorder or Video Recorder?

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