Internet connection problems - Is PercyPineapple there please?

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MichaelZZ | 07:06 Wed 09th May 2012 | Technology
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Good morning!
I hope you can help me.
Last Saturday you gave a very full reply to Poppysix's question about her internet problems. I have similar problems but only about once a week.
Normally, my download speed is something in excess of 4Mbps, which is pretty good for my area (South Yorks, <2 miles from exchange). However, about once a week, for no apparent reason various lights flash on my router (wired, not wireless) and my internet slows right down to 1Mbps or less. My ISP (O2) has confirmed this and suggested all the checks that you mentioned. When I do the Quiet Line test (17070, Option 2) I can hear some crackling on the line. However, on the occasions that I've asked BT to check the line - at the time coinciding with when I'm having the problem - they say that there is no fault and it will cost me £90 (etc, etc).
As you suggested, I had already changed all my filters and plugged things directly into the test socket.
I am puzzled as to why I can hear the crackling (like frying bacon!) immediately before and after BT's line test yet they say "No fault". My difficulty is that this problem appears to resolve itself after anything up to 6 hours, after I have repeatedly switched off and on again and reset the router. I can see that if a BT engineer visits when things are working well he will also say, "No fault" and charge me £90. Equally, I am confident that I do have some kind of fault on my line and I would be pleased to hear your comments as to (a) what I might do and (b) what, if anything, I should say to BT.
(Incidentally, my BT line is an underground service. I have lived in the house for 35 years, I have had internet for twelve (broadband for 3) and there have not been any contractors digging holes; I don't have a Sky box, an alarm or a dog!)
Thanks in advance.


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Just to say that the BT test isn't always 100% accurate. Sometimes it comes up with a false "ok" and yet a personal inspection then reveals something.

But of course it is you the customer that takes the financial risk now-a-days. Left with either putting up with the problem, or risking £90 you say, to get it looked at, and hoping they do a good job and find the issue.

Time was there was no competition and it was in their interest to check it out. Not any more. That's progress for you.

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Internet connection problems - Is PercyPineapple there please?

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