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old-wos-is-name | 20:38 Sun 22nd Jan 2012 | Technology
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Hi all,

sorted the computer problem, downloaded service pack 3, thank you for all your advice.. next problem, I have run a cat5e cable from the hub to my computer in the office, 30 mtrs away, but it will not work. I have cut the plugs off, fitted new ones several times, then tried a different cat5e cable ( I sell these) but still the same. I have a tester, and all 8 lights work in sequence at either end. The remote computer says " a network cable is disconnected" but it isn't. I tell people about the 100 mtr rule, that the signal will not go further than 100 mtrs, but mine is only 30.mtrs. I am using the best cable that you can buy, the plugs are also the best quality, the cable does not run near any electrical sources apart from a few feet either end, but then not tight against them, so I am at a loss. the hub is an expensive AT, beautiful wireless signal, a good 100 mtrs, and the remote computer works fine sitting next to the router. I did not wire the plugs to the "B" specifaction, but to the BT colour code, as I assume that as long as the plugs are wired the same either end it will make no difference. ( thats a certainty)
Ideas please.


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"I did not wire the plugs to the "B" specifaction, but to the BT colour code"

Any reason why you decided to wire it incorrectly?

But regardless of that, if you initially tried a new lead with (correctly) fitted plugs then it should have worked fine, you can check the cable by plugging both ends into the router and both link lights for the sockets should light up (it will also cause a loop in the network, so don't do it while you are using the router for anything)... If both link lights light up on the router but you don't get a link running from the router to the computer then it's a problem on the computers network card, possibly drivers, possibly a physical fault.
Have you checked that your network port is functioning correctly? If you have the driver disk for the M/Board then try reinstalling the drivers for the network port. If the port is kaput you can buy new network cards that fit in your spare pci ports for about £5.

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