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HTC Wildfire S mobile phone husband bought me this phone for

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lilacben | 17:07 Fri 30th Dec 2011 | Technology
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christmas. I havent got any credit on it yet as I wanted to get used to it before I did. Good job as I keep ringing people without realising it. There are just a couple things I am not sure of.
1. On the bottom it says Phone........ but I have noticed everyones number is on there including all people on my facebook friends.? Can I take the ones of that I do not want.? If so how.?
2. How can I put on music.? It says you can download free but I cannot get it too.
3. Not sure what tariff to go on. It is a pay as you go. I just want to put money on when I want to and not every month. So which would be the best tariff to go on.?
Many thanks


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I have the ordinary Wildfire and would do it like this
1. Go to HTC People which is found in All Apps. From the bar at the bottom you can place numbers into the different groups. I put the ones I use the most into favourites and they now appear on the next window to the right of the Home screen. If you want to delete numbers from the HTC People page again select the number to be deleted press the menu button and select delete.
It will be much easier than I've made it sound with the phone infront of you.

2. To put music on I connected the phone to my computer and just dragged the songs I wanted onto the phone. I was also told about MP3 download App from Android Market, but haven't used it.

3. Not knowing what phone company you are with at the moment I can't advise on tariffs. I'm with Asda Pay as You Go and they are very cheap.

Hope this helps
Question Author
Thankyou so much for answering my question. I should have said it is on Vodafone. The first one I have tried but it only lists the people who I put on but not the facebook ones that I want to get rid of. But it was helpful . thankyou again
I've been messing with mine, try tapping the phone at the bottom of the home screen then select menu then people, menu again then delete. From the list tap the little square on the right and a red cross will appear. When all are selected hit the delete button. This should work I hope if the basics of our Wildfires are the same.
If that fails you could always place HTC people on your front screen if they are the only numbers you wish to use.
Good luck
Question Author
Thanks again Yorky lass, I keep going through different things but oh boy! am I going to have trouble when I have to signin to anything I cannot remember the log on passwords ect. LOL. I did as you said and put in MP3 download app but I had a list of different ones and didnt know which one would be best.?
re question 2 i download music to the pc then transfer to the phone usign the usb cable provided.

re 3 when looking for a payg deal find out if you have to top up every 2/3 months, a friend has to top up his phone every 3 months to keep it active,
Oh and accidently calling people, i did that with my htc desire, there is a screen lock you can use to lock the phone.

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HTC Wildfire S mobile phone husband bought me this phone for

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