Continuing trouble with Firefox bookmark toolbar.

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anotheoldgit | 11:12 Sat 17th Dec 2011 | Technology
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I am still experiencing trouble with my bookmark toolbar.

When i first switch on my computer the toolbar fails to appear, I then have to click View/Toolbars and un-tick bookmark toolbar, and then re-tick it before the toolbar will appear.

Can anyone please advise me on how to correct this fault?

My computer operates on Microsoft XP and my browser on Firefox 8.0.1


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I'm trying to replicate your problem but without success.
Just out of interest how are you shutting down Firefox after getting the Bookmarks toolbar to appear?
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Just in the normal way, I first close the web page I happen to be on, (in this case Answerbank,) and then switch off my computer and screen.

It is when I come to use my computer again, I switch on, let it finish loading and then select my web page, it is then the toolbar fails to load.
Firefox is the greatest browser in the history of the internet. How dare you sully its reputation by claiming to have a problem!!!!!!!!!
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jno afraid not, but what i have discovered is the fact that after my homepage has loaded if I go to 'View' then 'Toolbars' and click 'customise' and do nothing except close the customise window, the toolbar appears.

All very strange, but why doesn't load the same as all the other toolbars?

Where is Chuck when one needs him?
Tried your method and the Bookmarks toolbar stays there fine for me. Have you tried re-installing Firefox? You do not have to uninstall the version your already on, just install over the top.
Often resolves minor hiccups. You will not lose any data or bookmarks.
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Thanks Alice I will give it a try.
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Nope, no difference I'm afraid.

Do you have a Bookmarks Icon on the toolbar (not the bookmarks toolbar)?
If not, open Customise (R-click on blank area of toolbar) .. look for icon and drag to normal toolbar far LH side.
If you cannot edit bookmarks, localstore.rdf file in Profile is probably corrupted.
Start Firefox in Safe mode (Help Menu .. Reststart with addons disabled)
Follow link to reset toolbars.

That should fix it.
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Thank you for your help but I don't fancy putting Firefox into safe mode, because it says any alterations are non reversible, so I may finish off worse off than I am now.

I will either put up with the problem or revert back to my earlier version of Firefox, which I would have done if the back arrow problem had been fixed earlier.

I am using Firefox 3.6.24 on my laptop, and now that the back arrow problem has finally been fixed, it is much better than the troublesome 8.0.1 version.

Thank again for your help.
You wont be worse off. It will load FF with no addons and you can restore defaults. That is the non-reversible part!
Then you can re-load any version you like if still not working!
Can't fathom how you can be stuck with anything.
There is really nothing wrong with latest version over the last one.

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Continuing trouble with Firefox bookmark toolbar.

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