Samsung Galaxy S5670

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utepoot | 22:54 Thu 15th Dec 2011 | Technology
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Hi, this will be the first of no doubt many questions about mobile phones! I need a new phone, my thoughts at the moment are leaning towards this one. I have never had a smartphone , so any advice is very welcome! For this particular phone, can you turn off background apps that are streaming to save using up data allowance? I have seen that some phones don't have this option, I don't want to end up with a massive fee for it. I can't afford to spend more than £100 on a phone (I don't want a contract, it's pay as you go for me!) So this is the type of phone I'm aiming for.


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..mmm....well only people with the actual phone can really comment on this but the spec looks good..Samsung ..OK with that..and looking round the reviews it gets good marks there....

I have the SE Xperia X8 and love's my first smartie so nothing to compare it to. It was £69 from Carphone Warehouse... with 3 on PAYG....

With 3 you can top up and use it as a normal PAYG phone that is you spend your credit as you use the thing...or you can buy 30 day add-ons which give you 500gb internet plus texts and calls for 10 quid ..or for 15 pounds you have "all you can eat" internet with loads of the other things......BUT what you don't use in 30 days you lose.........

....sort of like a contract but just monthly.........the amount of downloading I do these are a great deal.........but very flexible ......

....all from me but sure to get other comments...
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I have since found out that you can turn things off that run constantly, now after the research online it's time to go and actually hold and touch one and see if I like it!

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Samsung Galaxy S5670

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