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laptop keeps switching itself off

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roxie_09 | 16:40 Tue 13th Dec 2011 | Technology
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can anyone help me please, my laptop keeps switching itself off.. It's happened quite a few times now and getting more and more frequent. Sometimes it will load up and stay on for 10 minutes, (although it will run slow) or it will just switch off as soon as it loads up. The screen goes black and a blue box comes up, saying if this was the first time it happened to just restart the computer, but then says if it's happened before it may be due to something not being installed properly., and tells me it's sending stuff to the crash dump? I've completely deleted everything off my computer to do a system restore (think that's what it's called haha) but it is still happening, can anybody give any suggestions please. TIA xx


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When the machine starts up, go into Device Manager and see if any of the devices are showing as not functioning properly.

Also, have a look in the Event log to see if there are any entries which might indicate what is going wrong.
It could be either a software or a hardware fault. May even be a faulty virus or some such infection.

Off the top of my head you could try reinstalling the operating system. Or you could download a diagnostics application to test the hardware. Might be useful to run a memory check one overnight on 'infinite cycle' and see if it spots a memory problem. Also check the hard disk for bad sectors. Or it may be the power supply getting hot and turning off: you can download temperature monitor software if the sensors are wired inside the computer. Could be a few things actually.
LOL, Nobody likes it when their viruses are faulty :)
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I've run virus check after virus check and nothings come up. so not convinced its that. I can't download anything onto the laptop because it doesn't stay on long enough to do anything. It can open in safe mode but then doesn't connect to the internet. I'm really grateful for the advice given so far will try to figure out a way of doing them haha x
Faulty ones probably do least damage. If it crashes out early so much the better.
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Is it worth just taking back to the shop? It's only about 6 months old x
Do you hear any beeps when it starts up? If so, count the number of beeps and google for your computer diagnosis.... the number of beeps is often related to the type of fault.
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There's no beeps when I start it. Just sounds normal. Doing my head in lol x
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Update, I've discovered that this error is "the blue screen of death" any idea how to resolve it? X

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laptop keeps switching itself off

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