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shivvy | 15:31 Thu 17th Nov 2011 | Technology
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I would like to put a series of short (5 min) clips from youtube on to a disc that my father can play in his DVD player.

I'm not very good at this type of thing so need a bit of guidance.

So far I have downloaded a couple onto realplayer but what type of disc do I need to burn them on to?
Also, can realplayer do that?
And how many 5 minute clips would fit on one disc?

Anything else I need to know?

All help gratefully received.


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How frustrating - I get the email to say that I have received an answer, but when I open the site I find that the answer has been removed!

So I'm still no further on!
Morning Shivvy,

It was a spammer trying to get you to download their, potentially dangerous, crapware.

When you say you've downloaded the files in realplayer - can you see them in your file system? Or have you just streamed them? If you've downloaded them what format are they in?
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I am sure that I have downloaded them Ed because they are in my realplayer library.
It says that they are a 'flash video' .flv
Is that their format?

PS - thanks for protecting me from those nasty spammers!
.flv will not play on any pc or laptop without the correct flv splitter codec installed (so you can play in W. Media Player, etc) .. or a program to play it in (like vlc player)
flv is a compact format, so you will get loads .. but it's not calculatable .. because of various compression versions and embedded sound qualities.
Just use a CDR and keep stuffing them on til full!
Burn with any CD-R burning program that supports the flv format.
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Thanks Albags.

I don't know what a splitter codec is - or how to get it so I will scrap any plans for him to play them on a computer. But if I burned them to a CDR would they play on a DVD player?
No .. they wont without converting to avi or mpeg-1.
Hang on .. I'll look for the codec for you .. just a small file a spanner to help you do a job. You can test it first.
You need FFDShow default install and set flv1 in video codec config page.
Then install flv splitter .. for your OS version ..
Both here ..

Your dad will need same .. OR ...
you can both install vlc player or Classic media player ..
(avi or mpeg-1 will play on a DVD player that can also play jpg, mp3's etc)
If it only plays standard DVD's you can only convert to DVD.
"I don't know what a splitter codec is - or how to get it so I will scrap any plans for him to play them on a computer."

No, Don't... It's the easiest way....

↑ this is more his area than mine, but I'd recommend installing VLC player for him and then the file will play on his computer.

Putting it on a DVD is doable, but really complex in comparison.
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Thank you very much Albags but your answer has made me realise that I am very very out of my depth on this one!
I think I'll rope in a niece or nephew to help with this job ie tell them to do it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to send all of those links and info.
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Thanks Chuck too - but my dad doesn't have a computer, just a DVD player.
Also.... Are we to assume that your Father has a computer? if so does he have an Internet connection?

If so, surely you making a youtube playlist and then him playing the playlist would seem to be the really easy option.
Oh.... ignore that then :)
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the type of disc very much depends on what discs his player will accept. most dvd players will understand both 'plus' and 'minus' recordable dvds. reliable brand names include verbatim, maxell and memorex. supermarket own brand discs are a false economy.

i am not familiar with realplayer so cannot answer the second question, however if you find it not to be the case, look for a free version of a programme called nero, i expect they offer one on their own website. it is a user friendly (ish) and reliable programme for creating dvds, cds, etc. if they offer a free version, they will at every stage try to get you to upgrade to a premium ie expensive version but keep clicking on the buttons for the free one and eventually they'll give you it...

a conventional dvd holds 2 hours, so 24 x 5 minute clips. this is dependent on the video format you choose to use. the software will give you an idication of how much is going to fit on the disc before you commit to anything.

important to know, you must 'finalise' the disc for it to be playable in another machine. think of it as like making a cake - you can mix the ingredients but if you don't bake it in the oven, it's not a cake. again whatever programme you use it should guide you through this process.

good luck
Firefox video helper could do it.

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Hmm - the last few posts are making me think that I maybe would be able to manage this job!

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