Mac - can't delete files from... Help!

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Hermia | 13:26 Sun 17th Apr 2005 | Technology
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I've got a mac running OS 10.2. I download a lot on Mp3s and video files. The problem I'm having is the if anything goes wrong during the download (browser crashes or the modem disconnects) I end up with a dodgy file that won't delete. I can't continue downloading and have to start a new download. I can't delete because I get an error message saying it's being used by another application. I'm sure my old PC used to have a force delete function, but I can't find anything equilivant on the mac. Has anyone got any suggestions before I end up with files clogging up everything!


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You can force quit all open applications (command+delete+escape) and that will make sure the computer has no appllications still running before trying to delete the corrupted download. If that fails try force quitting Finder as well. If that fails try restarting the computer. I hope you are otherise fingding the Mac much friendlier than your old computer.
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Thanks for your reply. I tried all that and it allowed me to delete 2 of the files, but not the rest.

I certainly would never go back to a PC after having a mac, but I do find it's much harder to learn how to do things on a mac.
Have a look at the Downloads window (alt+command+L) and see if yoiur system thinks something is still downloading. If so cancel the download
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Nothing happened when I did alt+command+L. I got the download manager up on both Safari and IE and nothing is downloading. I can't figure out what else I can try.

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Mac - can't delete files from... Help!

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