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mizfiesta | 16:28 Sun 18th Sep 2011 | Technology
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I am trying to cut my monthly outgoings so have decided to get rid of my landline telephone - I have a mobile phone any way so it's pointless having two. The only reason I kept the landline was to keep access to my broadband.

Right now I'm with O2 and have a package that includes line rental, calls and broadband. My contract is up next month.

I have learned recently that I don't have to have a landline to access the internet and can use mobile broadband using a 'dongle' or usb stick of some sort. I just need some advice on these.

Oh and I have a tower type pc and not a laptop though I read you can use mobile broadband on these as well?

Do these things work? Are they reliable connection wise? And most importantly, I'm confused about all the talk about GB and usage so if I explain what I use the internet for maybe someone could tell me what sort to get?

I basically use the internet to check emails and pay bills and sometimes watch television programmes on the BBC IPlayer service. Basically my pc is switched online most of the day and I pop on when passing to google this or that.

Any help appreciated!


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In your case ... keep the broadband.
Using any other form of internet access will cost you dearly .. apart from being less reliable.

If you said just email and bills .. ok .. mobile maybe cheaper.
As soon as you start browsing eBay or other sites that load pictures, etc, you will be screwed by the amount of data transferred.
I like the way you leave it on and it is your 'book about everything' Doesn't your Googling add up to a few hours per day?
As AlBags said, it's probably going to be cheaper to keep the broadband. Standard mobile internet is going to cost you about £15 a month anyway, and that will be for a nominal amount of about 3Gb of bandwidth (which they'll sell to you as 'unlimited' but really isn't that much). There are several broadband packages out there that are cheaper, for significantly more bandwidth, and a LOT more reliability of service.

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Mobile Broadband Help...

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