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Presentation of documents in Word

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jayemcee | 17:50 Sun 04th Sep 2011 | Technology
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I have copied and pasted some book reviews into a Word document. Each review is a paragraph long. Instead of appearing in the Word document as a block of print it
comes out as a complete line of text followed by a line with only
two words
on it? Something like that. It does not look right and moreover it takes up a lot of room. Is there any way I can make it " close up " into proper paragraph format.
Grateful for a solution. Thank you in anticipation.


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Not knowing what version of Word you're using, have you formatted the page?
if you click "Show/Hide" - if you have it - it may reveal formatting marks (like paragraph marks) that you can't see.
I have no idea what your question is about but agree with ^. If you clickon the very bold reversed 'P' symbol next to the Zoom setting on top menu you will see all the punctuation and formatting in the document
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I am a novice atthis but I have microsoft word 2003? I am copying some
paragraphs from a PDF file of information and pasting them into a Word document. On the PDF file they appear as a normally formatted paragraph. I couldn't see a Show/Hide facility nor a reverse P. Now the idiot question, I assume you mean on my word document? not on the PDF? Thats where I looked.
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Well, although I had looked on my document and didn't find the reversed P, now Eureka, I have it.By trial and error I have discovered if you delete the "P" it removes the space on that line and "closes up" the para. Thank you very much twix, jno and scotman for helping me with such an ill-informed question. One other thing, is there any way of copying it "as is" from the PDF in the first place? Thank you anyway.

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Presentation of documents in Word

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