How To Record From Sky Onto VCR

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Dusty Bin | 22:04 Sun 21st Aug 2011 | Technology
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Sorry as I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before but I'm lost with all this technical stuff.

I have a TV with built in Freeview and a Sky box connected to it using a SCART lead.

I now want to connect a VCR to record from Sky onto VHS, but the TV only has one SCART socket.

I plugged the aerial cable into the back of the VCR and used another lead to connect the VCR to the back of the TV into the socket where the aerial cable normally goes into directly.

I also got myself an adapter that allows me to plug 2 SCART leads into it which I can then plug into the SCART socket on the back of the TV, but when I use it the VCR appears to interfere with the Sky signal.

Please can somebody tell me how can I connect the VCR so I can record from Sky?


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There should be two SCART sockets on the back of the sky box, one labelled TV SCART (which your TV will be connected to) and the other VCR SCART.... you should be able to figure it out from here..
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Don't know why or how it worked, but by cutting out the adapter in the chain I got no interference.

I linked the TV to the Skybox (scart to scart1) and the Skybox to the VCR (scart2 to scart), but I had to put the VCR to AV channel to get a recording.

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How To Record From Sky Onto VCR

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