Advanced ECDL - is it a nightmare?

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Hermia | 19:29 Thu 31st Mar 2005 | Technology
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Has anyone done the Advanced ECDL? Is it a nightmare?


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Is the Advanced ECDL just one extra test at the end of the ECDL?  I'm living in Germany now but before I left the UK I completed the ECDL.  I couldn't do an extra advanced test because the modules I studied were Module 3 and 4 (mixed) and apparently you were only allowed to do it if you had studied one module only (?!). 

More info on ECDL Advanced :

Im doing ECDL and ECDL word Advanced at the same time, just about to start them. Theres a course on in the centre where I work, and the girl says I should be ok on the normal course, but will need to do a bit on word advanced, so I imagine it might be tough enough.
my opinion on the ecdl courses is just another way of obbligating the word to use micro$oft only as for you general knowledge M$ windows and office r not the only ones around and the others don't try and force u to use their accessory services. i am afraid i find M$ very prepotent and arrogant in their IT hiptonisation what is freedom and liberty coming to ?
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Thunderchild - the main reason I want to do advanced ECDL is to learn microsoft! I'm a mac user at home, but I've never worked for an organisation that doesn't use microsoft. I have therefore got to get my skills up to the same level as all my job-rivals who use microsoft all the time at home!

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Advanced ECDL - is it a nightmare?

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