MAC code and moving house

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GSD4ME | 08:43 Wed 16th Jun 2010 | Internet
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Dear all,

My wife and I are moving house - same village, same exchange, same telephone number - but wish to change our ISP.

I understand that I need to phone up our current BB supplier to get the MAC code from them.

However, as the house we are moving to will have no telephone line for at least 4 months as the house is redeveloped (BT will need to install a new pole and a new line to the house) do we NEED the MAC code? Or would it simply be a lot simpler to cancel the current contract and start afresh when the new telephone line is finally installed?

I can also foresee problems for our buyer if they want to switch THEIR broadband to our (current) house if our current MAC is 'assigned' to the current line, even though they will be having a brand new telephone number to our old house. What should we do in this case? How can MAC codes be 'de-assigned'?

Many thanks


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A MAC code is only needed if you want to swap providers while remaining on the same phone line.

Just cancel your contract and take out a new one at the new location when you are ready.
I agree with chuckfickens. Just cancel your BB and get it reinstated when you're ready in your new home. As for your buyer, well, surely that's their problem.

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MAC code and moving house

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