does my computer keep a record of sites visited

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Fish the Mod | 00:12 Fri 21st Aug 2009 | Internet
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The other day while entering a web address in the address bar, the previous websites appeared that I had been on. One of them was web address that I suspect my teenage son had been on and I don't want him to have any association with. He swears black and blue he knows nothing about it. The list only shows the last dozen or so web addresses. Is there a way that I can list all the website visited say over the last month in order and the date and time.


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press ctrl + H right now while your browser is open..

that's the best you will get without serious stuff.
If you look at the history and see the suspicious link, click it and see what page appears. It may be that he went to a page on that site and doesnt remember or realise where another link took him? You can see in the history the other sites visited on the same day so that may jog his memory or even show how he got the the other site? Internet Explorer lets you set how many days to keep history for under Tools, Internet Options (of course this can be changed at any time by the user though).

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does my computer keep a record of sites visited

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