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Please advise on Navigation Bar

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Mirror | 01:37 Sun 27th Jul 2008 | Internet
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Can someone please tell me how to clear the navigation bar? I'm using Firefox 3.1 and have noticed the links of all sites I've visited so far are saved. I have tried clearing cookies, history and emptying the cache but none of those methods have worked.

Thank you for answering my question and for your help. xx


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Make sure the three boxes under history are unticked.
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Thank you Ethel for your quick response; one can always rely on you. You are always very helpful. x

Those boxes have never been ticked. I have ticked and unticked the history boxes but the problem is still there. I've even logged off and on again to see if that might have helped in any way but it didn't.

I believe only since I've upgraded Firefox to 3.1 this has started happening. Any more suggestions? Thanks.
I think it's a bug - I can't get rid of mine either...
If Rojash is having the same problem and can't solve it - it must be a bug.
Rojash is right. You're not alone, see Here

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Please advise on Navigation Bar

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