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kate1976 | 12:34 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Internet
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Does anyone have any idea when will be updated and ready to use again? It's been updating for months now and I'm not paying 192 or any other site for one address, it's not urgent but I'm running out of patience now so anyone know roughly when it'll be updated? Anyone know of any other free address searches? I've tried to no avail! I miss b4usearch!! Thanks in advance.


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It seems to be working for me.
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All I get is this:

We are currently updating the Electoral Roll to the 2006/2007 version.
Here are some sites that also offer Electoral Roll searches.
1. Electoral Roll, Post Code, People and Business Finder. Directory ...
Electoral roll searches, directory enquiries, postcode finder, people finder, business finder and much more... (
People and local business finder incorporating 8 major sources; free directory enquiries and public records such as the official voters lists, ... (

It's not fair!
Kate - thats all I EVER get on there, think its a bloody con
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It used to work fine for me but just after Christmas it started updating and it's just going to update forever! Stupid site!!
How odd - I've just tried it and it worked fine.
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They obviously don't want me or mycats knowing where people live!! :-(

Very frustrating!
email me the name and area and I'll give it a go for you

[email protected]
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Email sent Ethel, thanks!
oh ethel would you do one for me too? lol
I'm with you KateThe only searches that are successful are the ones where people are listed in the phone book.

If they are not then I just get the update message.

personally i am not sure they will fully restore the site but rather direct you to the sites where you have to pay
This could be the problem:

"Following a large number of complaints from individuals, the Commissioner issued an enforcement notice, ordering the website to stop using personal information from electoral registers published before 2002, after finding the site in breach of the Data Protection Act.

We issued an enforcement notice against the website, which offers a free 'people search' facility, after receiving over 2000 complaints about the site. " sletter_and_alerts/previous_enewsletters/Engli sh/Edition2.aspx

And of course they can only put entries from the electoral register where people have not ticked the box on the voters form for privacy. This site and similar sites face court action, massive fines and closure if they do not comply.

I tick the box on the voting form, and can't understand why people don't.
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Thank you for all your replies and thank you to Ethel for trying it out for me!

I always tick the box too but it still annoys me as that used to be a useful site!

Thanks again.
They were stopped because an over the top police officer (I use the term officer loosely) made a complaint about his name and address appearing and in doing so denied thousands of people the chance to find missing relatives. I notice that the police still have total access and that they he has not tried to stop all the sites that you can pay for the Info like
were does Richard ayre live in pontefract

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