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natalie_1982 | 16:24 Sat 30th Dec 2006 | Internet
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Ok, I am a bit of a techyphobe despite being only 24. I have never downloaded music to anywhere or anything, and now I have a mobile phone that I would like to use to play MP3's (it does have the facility to do this).

Despite being recommended "free" music download sites I am not having any luck. I installed Kazaa but the settings on my PC won't let me download shared files (the lodger is a techie head and is working on this) and I have tried installing Limewire, but despite being told it is free it is wanting to charge me money! I am happy to pay if you need to, but am thinking that if Kazaa won't let me access shared files then I don't want to spend a fortune and not be able to download anything!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for sites that cost nada and I can play around with until I get used to downloading things and become a fully fledged geek. Many thanks, nat x


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bit torrent walks all over limewire and similar.

first you need a client(the software that allows download of torrents(data files).i use bit lord but there are others such as bit comet,bit tornado or azaerus - a search on google should bring those sites up.

then visit a torrent site such as my favourite and away you go !
bit torrent takes a little time to build speed and be sure to choose torrents that have a high number of seeds(people who are hosting the file)
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Thanks for your help! I hope 07 is a year of wires, ringtones and futuristic things for me.....
Why not practice here, lots of artists let you download free tracks, signed and unsigned bands =srch&qt=music
Signing up for this service was a no-brainer for me. I do a lot of Music downloading MyKazaaGold works because the music's great, the service is affordable, and the loops and tracks are easy to download. What more could you ask for?
The best place to download music.
I recently bought .

I think it is a revolution in music & movies. Unlimited music & dvd movies at your finger tips, for just a one time 29.50 $ fee.

Also, I got free Mp3/Ipods transfer , CD burning , anti virus software, which came along.

No need to make changes in your fire walls , internet securities. Very friendly, easy to use, 24/7 technical support peace of mind.

I think this was the best choice I ever made.
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More search results than any other music download company

Mp3/Ipods transfer softwares with instructions also available.

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