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10ClarionSt | 18:55 Tue 19th Dec 2006 | Internet
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How do I secure my wireless internet connection? I know it is unsecured at the moment. It is a Belkin Wireless Router. Any help appreciated. Thanks.


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its all a matter of preference. I have a Linksys and use 128 bit wep encryption. Also disable your ssid broadcast. disabling your ssid broadcast will stop your router name from being seen by other wireless users. Change your password too. make it a password that includes many characters including upper and lower case, at least 1 number and 1 character like this [email protected] or something like that thats very difficult to guess. right now the default password is probably admin right? its easy for a neighbor to sign on to your router using and using admin for the password. once they do that they can change everything including the password.
As well as the previous suggestions, I have my MAC filter set to permit only the listed MAC addresses to connect.

If you have never secured your internet, it is better to do it while connected to the router by ethernet. That way you cannot inadvertently block yourself!
Also have a pen and paper to make a record of your settings.

When connected to the router by ethernet, copy and paste the following to your address bar:

This should open the admin page. If you need to enter a password, try admin.

Now you can take your time and make all the changes.

Change the admin password.

Change the name of the SSID, and disable SSID broadcast.

Enable WEP, or WPA encryption

Set up the MAC filter. If you don't know your MAC address, post again.

Take your time and get to know the admin interface.

It really is straightforward when you know your way around it.
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How far have you got? Have you connected by ethernet and accessed your admin page?

I use tkip pre shared key. this is where you put in a pre shared key. write it down and keep it safe. In administration disable remote management and this is where you want to put your router password. (instead of admin). dont worry you cant screw anything up that is not reversible. There is a reset button.

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Secured Wireless Internet Connection

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