Ethernet Drops But Wifi Still Works?

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puternut | 00:21 Sat 22nd Jun 2019 | Internet
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My Win10 PC has developed a tendency to drop the Ethernet connection - gives 'Unidentified Network' message when clicking the taskbar icon BUT wifi is still up and running?
After running troubleshooter I get the message "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration"
Whilst I know a little about getting inside the PC as regards config files etc. I don't feel 100% happy to do this without some idea what I'm doing.
Last time I called in an engineer and I felt a little cheated when he charged me quite a few pounds for what seemed only a few minutes work.
I might have to call him again to see if he'll do a free guarantee call


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Well the cable and the airwaves are separate routes so one can work while the other doesn't. Difficult to know what part of the comms is wrong. Could try updating drivers. Uninstalling recent programmes. Could be hardware, try a new cable, check plugs/sockets.

I guess one needs to compare the cost with the benefit of removing the issue. Folk can be paid for what they know as much as how long they spend physically doing something.

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Ethernet Drops But Wifi Still Works?

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