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House Alarm Making Landline Broadband Drop Connection

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balliali | 09:01 Sat 04th Jul 2015 | Internet
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I Have an Aritech house alarm since 1999, and I have a landline phone with wireless broadband (Vodafone) on it. Since last Sunday my broadband has been dropping and staying off for 12 hours (at least) at a time... but it eventually comes back on itself. When it goes off, I try all the usual things like disconnecting the cable from the back of the modem etc, but it doesn't fix the problem like it used to do. I discovered yesterday that the broadband fault happens when I miss a call on my landline....the phone rings... and after about 7 jingles (when it used to go to my alarm) the broadband drops and it has been out until 8.45am this morning. I haven't discovered yet what made the broadband come back on again.. but I'm not complaining. I rang Vodafone last Tuesday and they think the alarm is the problem, I rang the alarm company and they say it's not....Sorry for the long post, but could anyone please identify the problem and tell me what I can do over the weekend to keep us all online until someone from phone or alarm company calls. Just to clarify, the alarm has not been set week as we have all been here, so no need. Thanks for your help...I'm not at all "techy"


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what do you mean by alarm ?
you have means to redirect calls to house alarm ?
Do you have filters (little,white boxes) on all your phone sockets?
that may be the issue Zac..but surely all broadband installation packs include split filters now...unless there are extensions operating without one ?
I found this which suggests older systems may not be compatible with broadband:

Q3. I Have ordered Broadband, how does this affect my alarm monitoring?
Our recent installations are broadband compatible. If you need further assistance on this, please contact our customer services team.

I,also,found this which suggests there may be compatibility issues generally.
Question Author
Thanks to everyone for their replies, but I did warn you, I'm not techie. The alarm seems to block my phone after about 7 jingles, so it's always a race to answer, and yesterday we missed the call. That dropped the broadband connection and it only came back on this morning. We haven't figured out yet why the broadband decides to come back on it' own. As an aside, I have the broadband for about 10 years, and have the modem since 2011, without a problem. There are line splitters going into the phone connection.
"There are line splitters going into the phone connection."
They are not just splitters, they are filters to prevent the broadband and telephone frequencies from interfering with each other. Every device that is connected to the phone line should go to through a filter. Filters sometimes fail. The chances are that the filter for your alarm has failed and needs replacing.
think the time has come to ditch the modem and replace with a wireless router..most providers will be happy to do that for you..
Question Author
Thanks once again to you all, The Chair may have hit the nail on the head! If so, I'm still confused as to why the Broadband suddenly cuts in again sometime the next day. Oh anyway, looks like it will be this way until Monday till alarm company and Vodafone are back in call centres. Thanks again to you all for taking the time to answer.

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House Alarm Making Landline Broadband Drop Connection

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