I've Just Got A Hudl. Sometimes When I Switch It On It Connects To Bt Rather Than Virginmedia.

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sandyRoe | 08:35 Fri 20th Feb 2015 | Internet
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In terms suitable for a computer illiterate, what to do to get rid of BT?


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I'm guessing that the signal from BT is more powerful than that of Virgin Media.
Are you piggy backing on someone elses broadband?
Not having one, sandy, I'm taking a bit of a stab in the dark here.

Do you mean the homepage when you launch the Internet Browser (Mine is set to Facebook as a default on my Laptop and Netbook)? Switch it on and launch the Internet Browser. Go to the Virgin Media homepage and then click on the options for the Browser. You MIGHT[i have the option to make the webpage you are on your homepage. Make sure that any tick boxes relating to that are ticked and then [i]APPLY] the Settings.

Hope this helps.
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BT asks for a password and also offers a day rate for their service, £6. An expensive piggy back ride. :-(
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Sometimes when I switch it on it goes straight to AB. Other times I need to click on the Google Chrome icon and then the BT page appears.
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I haven't got the Hudl with me now. I'll maybe bump this question later when I have it beside me.
I think that happens when it's not connected to the internet and tries to use BT Hotspots.

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I've Just Got A Hudl. Sometimes When I Switch It On It Connects To Bt Rather Than Virginmedia.

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